Buffalo Cigars Locations:
2911 Southwestern Blvd in Orchard Park
7032 Transit Rd in Amherst
500 Main St in Downtown Buffalo


Lockers in Orchard Park are available to everyone
Lockers in Amherst are available to Buffalo Cigar Club Members
Lockers at 500 Main will be available soon

Buffalo Cigars Locker Club

Benefits of leasing a locker

By leasing a locker, you will receive added benefits as well, such as:

  • Exclusive membership in the Buffalo Cigars Locker Club
  • Brass plated name plate proudly bearing your name
  • Priority access to all Buffalo Cigar Events
  • Free giveaways that we receive from cigar manufacturers
  • Exclusive drawings for products, sports tickets, etc.
Sign up now

Sign Up Before it's too late

Buffalo Cigars is pleased to announce the addition of 108 premium custom-made humidor lockers at the shop. We strongly suggest that you lock in without delay. Once they are taken, who knows when they might come available again as the locker tenants will have first crack each year to renew. Now is the time to secure your own little “piece” of cigar heaven here at Buffalo Cigars.

Note: All lockers are paid for annually; Monthly payments not available.