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Buffalo Cigars has created one of the finest, most beautifully appointed cigar places in America, right here in Western New York. More than $2 million is invested in this 5,000 square foot, Cuban style slice of cigar heaven and it has already become a destination for cigar enthusiasts everywhere.

Created for novices and aficionados alike, Buffalo Cigars currently features a 2,400 square foot retail store with the largest walk-in humidor in Buffalo, more than 250 cigar brands, pipes, hookah, and a comfortable space to relax and smoke. Our shop also features the finest smoke elimination system in the industry, to the delight of all of our customers.

If that all isn’t enough, Buffalo Cigars will soon be adding a separate 2,500 square foot, exquisitely furnished smoking lounge. This stylish, well-appointed lounge is designed for luxurious comfort and comes complete with large screen TV’s, gaming tables, plush leather seating, and even beautiful cigars girls serving excellent cigars. The lounge is then topped off with a spacious outdoor patio in the back.

But what really sets Buffalo Cigars apart from everyone else is its cigar museum. More than 200 vintage and antique cigar related artifacts are displayed throughout the shop. The displays include antique smoking accessories, vintage cigar advertisements, classic cigar boxes, and more…

Buffalo Cigars, located at 2911 Southwestern Boulevard in Orchard Park, NY, is the best place to get cigars and the best place in WNY to enjoy them too. Check out our photos below!

Buffalo Cigars Store Exterior
Buffalo Cigars Store Interior
Fun & Games Night
Buffalo Cigars Walk-in Humidor
Buffalo Cigars Retail Floor
Buffalo Cigars Products
Buffalo Cigars Walk-in Humidor
Buffalo Cigars Seating
Buffalo Cigars Retail Lounge
Our Staff in the Shop

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